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Urban Agriculture

Inkster Pine Park is an industrial campus featuring a fully automated hybrid greenhouse and state-of-the-art CO2 extraction facilities at its core.



From the inherent reduced footprint of a greenhouse, to the hydronic heating system, and wastewater reclamation, Inkster Pine Park is committed to preserving the environment.

Ultimate Purity

Mixing all fertilizer solutions on-site allows us to ensure the plants receive exactly what they need, when they need it. Nothing more, nothing less. You won’t find heavy metals or synthetic PGRs in our facility.

Superior Genetics

We source some of the most sought after cultivars, while also working with novel strains bred from lines of highly regarded pedigree.

Integrated Pest Management

Our organic philosophy is infused in every detail of production. Disease and pests are managed through natural means. An ounce of prevention is worth pounds, and pounds, and pounds…

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is the most pure method of extraction for botanical materials. While many extraction methods damage the wide array of delicate medicinal botanical compounds, our carefully calibrated procedures enable extremely potent extracts all while maintaining the compound synergy found naturally in the plant. With this material we can then manufacture a wide array of retail ready products from oils for vaporizers and encapsulation, to medical balms and lotions, massage oils, and food products like candies, chocolates, and beverages.


By integrating data collected from multiple streams including agricultural sensors to measure climate parameters, plant growth characteristics, harvest weight, laboratory testing, and sales data, our software can optimize the environment to progressively improve product quality and output volume with each successive harvest.

Streamlined From
Seed To Sale

Our comprehensive SOPs are designed for highly efficient production, incorporating automation at every step of the way while still maintaining consistently high quality and overall output.

Grow With Us

This is your opportunity to participate in a blossoming industry. To learn more about Inkster Pine Park, including press inquiries, employment opportunities, and investment information, drop us a line below.

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